On Solid Ground

We’re taking a week off from our motorhome and spending it in a real house. We rented a holiday cottage in rural Angus for our annual ‘Pals’ Holiday’. Most years we spend a week with our good pals, Derek and Mary, to enjoy a bit of chill out time together. The house is an old farmhouseRead more

24,000 Steps

Yesterday we drove from Lyndon Top by Rutland Water to Finchale Abbey site near Durham. Our main reason for spending the weekend here is to take the van back to Tyne Valley Motorhomes, the dealer we bought it from. We need to have a damp check after some repair work they did under warranty inRead more

Knickers to that

You would think, looking on, that six months in a motorhome would involve making simple decisions about where to go next and just going with the flow. It’s certainly what we dream of, when we’re at home and looking longingly at big white Holly standing on the drive. Leaving, as we did, with not aRead more

Something Fishy

Well it’s official. This is a little piece of paradise. Shirley has caught two brown trout from the riverbank right beside us. Free fishing within the grounds of the campsite is included here so it would have been rude not to try it. Before getting out her fishing gear she’d been chatting to a couple ofRead more