We had such good intentions when we started the Couch to 5k training. For two weeks we managed a run/walk shuffle every other day and began to feel a bit lighter on our feet … but just a little bit you understand. Then we hit the weather. The rain, the mud, the wind and even the snow. Every day we looked outside, said ‘shall we?’ and answered ‘err no’. I know real fitness peeps go out in all weathers but we only do that for the sake of the dogs. After the weather came the Ladies Meet when we were too busy eating cakes and chatting, then loads of walking and finally a week in a holiday rental in Angus. I can’t remember the excuse we used there, or maybe it was just that by then the running had been quietly put in the psychological box labelled ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ and left there to sulk.

Having left our holiday farmhouse in Angus last Saturday, we returned to Slatebarns Caravan Site in Roslin for three nights. Roslin feels like the ‘home’ we go back to in between our jaunts. Along with it’s many other good points it’s a good place to go jogging – did we jog? No we did not.

Sunday we got together with the family for a family BBQ and hung our heads in embarrassment when our wonderful marathon running daughter in law asked “How’s the running going?”

So today was the day that the excuses came to an end and for one of us started again. Yesterday we moved to Seton Sands in East Lothian for three nights before we head off up to Oban and from there to Tiree.

This site has a running track! It is close to our motorhome and it refuses to be ignored. The sun is shining. The place is quiet. The track is deserted. We just ran out of excuses. So off we went in our lycra with our phones and earphones at the ready and returned to week one of the Couch to 5k programme. We were doing so well too! I was even dancing in the walking bits because my running music is all jolly and jiggy – then disaster – Shirley got herself another excuse, nay – good reason, to stop. She hurt her foot and had to hobble back to the van. To be fair she was really disappointed, especially when sitting with it up and resting didn’t help and neither did extra support in her shoes. Dr Google was consulted and it looks like she won’t be running again for a couple of weeks. Water bottle is in the freezer for her to do the ice treatment, leg is resting on a reclining seat outside in the sun and it looks like yours truly will have to jog alone for a couple of weeks.

The patient

It’s all about the Base

 We got a lovely surprise when we rolled into Seton Sands site. To be honest it isn’t the kind of place we would normally choose but because of an unexpected series of dental and doctor appointments, coinciding with the start of our long tour, we’ve been hanging about in the Lothians quite a lot.

This site is great! For a start off, outside of the main season it is very reasonably priced. (I’m a Yorkshire lass so that’s important to me – don’t believe the hype about the Scots by the way – we put them to shame in the careful with money stakes). We paid less than £12 a night for a fully serviced pitch. What this means, for those who don’t do this itinerant kind of life, is that water, waste drop, electricity and even a TV connection are provided right on the pitch. It’s a big pitch with hard standing and a mixed gravel and grass area for sitting out or using a BBQ. Everything is new, even the loos and showers.

We’re talking 4* provision here for less than the price of most basic sites.

Perfect pitch

It is a holiday park, which is a mixed blessing. There are bars and restaurants, amusements and a swimming pool. Fortunately all of these are a long way from the touring pitches. There is also a 9 hole golf course and a fishing lake and … of course, a running track. We are seriously impressed.

Eight weeks on the road has taught us something important. Having a flat base to stand the van on makes all the difference. The doors shut properly, everything works as it should, you don’t feel as though you are sliding downhill when you walk from the front seats to the loo and you don’t get a sudden rush of blood to the head when you’re trying to fall asleep at night. Seton Sands have got it right. These pitches are flat level and as neat as can be.

After a trip to the hairdresser on Friday and a final visit to the dentist on Saturday morning followed by a much needed trim for Boo, who looks about twice his real size due to a mass of uncut poodle curls, we’ll be off North at last on Sunday. We’re travelling lighter – the trailer is on Adrian and Rachel’s drive and we’ve ditched a bunch of stuff – so the hills of the north should be a doddle.

Boo sporting the shaggy look

Next time we’ll be in Oban spending a bit of time exploring before the ferry on Tuesday. See you then!

10 thoughts on “The day we ran out of excuses – and Shirley found another one

    1. I hesitate to say this – but it is a little warm just now for Boo to have long hair… and that’s not a shaggy dog story. x

  1. I’m rocking the shaggy look too, at the moment 😀

    Hope you’re foot is OK Shirley. Remember, the ice is for your foot and not your gin 😉

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the foot Shirley. I think age has something to do with desire because, I too, can get easily distracted from doing what I should be doing, e.g. walking–not jogging! My excuse in Palm Springs has been the wind! When I see the palm trees swaying like a wind turbine twirling, I KNOW my allergies will suffer. Look forward to the next location.

  3. Poor Shirley 🙁 hope you make a quick recovery! You will love Tiree. You must go to the pottery shop and glass place. Beautiful things. Thanks for keeping us all posted -love the photo by the way. Molly thinks Boo suits being shaggy 😉 much love xx

  4. Enjoy Tiree…..but have a wee look at Coll as you sail past. Katie Morag story land. Amazing beaches too. Look after that foot Shirley, hope the ice pack treatments do the trick.

  5. Sorry to hear about Shirley’s foot! Laughed at your reference to Yorkshire v Scottish ‘carefulness. As a Yorkshire person myself I am allowed to repeat this, as are you…
    The definition of a Yorkshireman is “A Scot with the generosity beaten out of him!!”
    Keep on trucking ladies!!

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