Practical Advice

If you are interested in touring the United Kingdom or Europe in a motorhome  why not have a read through some of our articles below. They contain some valuable hints and advice. We have learned a lot through more than 20 years of caravanning and motorhoming, both at home and abroad.

Want to Live the Dream?

We know that lots of people dream of going on a long journey in their motorhome, for several months at at time, so we thought it would be a good idea to include some practical information. If you’re an experienced motorhomer, you may know some of this already.

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Costs of a Trip

How much does it cost to go travelling for two or three months in a motorhome? This  is only a personal snapshot of our spending over two calendar months. There were several ways that we could have saved money but we wanted to enjoy the trip whilst living within our means.

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