Costs of the Trip

Please note: This page was written in 2015. It is now 2018 and the exchange rate has had a big impact on the costs of travel. I will update this page at the end of our 2018 winter trip. Just to say – it costs more but it’s still worth it!


I’ve done the maths and worked out the cost of our 2015 two month trip around France and Spain, in pounds (GBP), based on the exchange rate at the time.

This  is only a personal snapshot of our spending over two calendar months and different people will  make different choices. There were several ways that we could have saved money but we wanted to enjoy the trip whilst living within our means. More on that after the numbers.

We paid for the tunnel using Tesco Clubcard points, breakdown insurance is part of our van insurance and we have an annual travel insurance. I have not included these costs as these are included in the annual running costs of the van.

Period September22nd to November 24th: (9weeks)

Diesel                    £512

Tolls                       £185

Groceries               £607

Site Fees                 £459

Eating out              £375

Non food                £116

Entertainment     £29

Others*                   £115

(*Others includes Tips, Laundry and wifi)

Total spend             £2398   (£266 per week)

For the purposes of this blog I have not included hair cuts and pet expenses. Prices for hairdressers and vets vary a lot and not everyone will need these services.

We could have saved money by not using motorway tolls, eating cheaper food and not eating out. We didn’t need to do this and were able to relax a bit and still live within our means.

Arriving back in Britain two days ago we have been struck by how much more expensive most things are here.