On your own head be it

  The great dilemma of the motorhoming life is how much stuff to take with you. Not enough and you end up buying duplicates of things that you’ve got at home, too much and you spend your whole time stirring piles of things and looking for items you’ve lost, It strikes me that this is a metaphorRead more

Here comes the sun

Getting ready to leave Ferry Meadows we got a telling off from the wardens. Apparently they have rules about when you can use the MH service point and we hadn’t been told. When I politely explained this to the warden she declared, hands on hips, that if we had any common sense we would have worked it out.Read more

Knickers to that

You would think, looking on, that six months in a motorhome would involve making simple decisions about where to go next and just going with the flow. It’s certainly what we dream of, when we’re at home and looking longingly at big white Holly standing on the drive. Leaving, as we did, with not aRead more

Something Fishy

Well it’s official. This is a little piece of paradise. Shirley has caught two brown trout from the riverbank right beside us. Free fishing within the grounds of the campsite is included here so it would have been rude not to try it. Before getting out her fishing gear she’d been chatting to a couple ofRead more

Rules is Rules

This morning we were wakened bright and early by the sound of rain pounding on the roof. There is something comforting about that unmistakable hammering on an evening when all the days outside tasks are done and the van is warm and cosy. Not so much though, first thing in the morning, when the dogs needRead more