Getting ready to leave Ferry Meadows we got a telling off from the wardens. Apparently they have rules about when you can use the MH service point and we hadn’t been told. When I politely explained this to the warden she declared, hands on hips, that if we had any common sense we would have worked it out. We weren’t happy to be spoken to like recalcitrant children but we had no choice but to drive away as the lady warden had stalked off back to her office which was in the opposite direction to the exit gate. I think she was hiding because she saw the steam coming out of our ears.

Driving through the beautiful countryside on to our next stop we decided that she wasn’t worth getting stressed about but that doesn’t mean I won’t be penning a complaint to the club. You can tell I’m still cross can’t you?

Next stop Lyndon Top site overlooking Rutland Water for the Lady Motorhomers Meet.

Arthur the warden made us our own sign.

You could not in your wildest dreams imagine a more beautiful location with a more helpful warden, Arthur, who gave us our own field with water tap and an easy walk to the chemical toilet dump. As the vans arrived we arranged ourselves in a circle, wild west style. In the middle we put up shelters, placing two facing one another so that we had an enclosed area just about big enough to hold everyone’s chairs.


On the day we arrived it was cloudy and cold but there was promise of sunshine for the next two days so we made the decision to hold our welcome BBQ on the second night. After everyone was settled in and a meal eaten we gathered in our shelter to chat and enjoy a drink or three. The roars of laughter rang out into the night until eventually we retreated to our vans confident that this was going to be a great meet.


It’s the third day now. The sun is shining on us for the second day running, we’ve had a great time together, eaten stacks of cake at the daily coffee and cake meeting, stuffed ourselves with good food at the BBQ and made loads of new friends. We’ve cycled, walked, done some craft work activities (thanks Bridget) and got on so well that everyone is asking when we’re doing it again. Friendship is a truly wonderful thing and we’ve been blessed with a great crowd of women.

This is a short blog post because there’s so much going on I don’t want to miss any of it. Next stop after this will be near Durham as we wend our way back north on Friday. Happy springtime!

4 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. So glad you all had a wonderful time and the weather you ordered arrived on time ? You are really good at organising events like these. Safe travels xx

  2. Thanks Ade. We’ve got such a grand, helpful, funny, kind bunch of women here that it couldn’t be easier. X x

  3. So pleased that the meet went very well. If you are passing us on the way north give us a ring and we can meet up. K x

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