We’re back in the van and settled in nicely in the rain at Linwater Caravan Site in East Calder. If you know the area you might be wondering why we’re only 10 miles from home. The thing is we still have some stuff to do before we finally set off further afield. Dentist, haircut, routine medical checks … who knew that self maintenance was so time consuming? Anyway, the truth is that being here feels so completely different to home that we could easily be 50 miles away.

This well equipped and friendly site is ideal for anyone wishing to visit Edinburgh and also be close to the main transport routes. It is about 2 miles from the Hermiston Park and Ride, where there are no height restrictions so motorhomes can park up there and get a bus into the city. It is also deep in the countryside so there are loads of places to go for interesting walks. Poppy and Boo have given it their seal of approval. Visitors from further afield might also be interested to know that it’s only 4 miles from the Livingston factory outlet and shopping centre. If you’re into designer clothes and shoes it’s the place for you – or if, like us, you’re into outdoor shops and food it’s equally appealing.

As you can see - we're into growing wellies
As you can see – we’re into growing wellies

 Starting the day with mud sliding

As I slid about in the mud this morning taking the dogs for a walk it occurred to me that this blog could easily be called ‘Travels with my Cockapoo.’ That small angelic looking blonde finds some mischief to do almost every day in life. Today it was scaring pheasants whilst chasing rabbits, followed by sliding sideways into a pile of horse manure and ending with a noisy landing in the stream. I took her out blonde and brought her back brown … and wet … and smelly. Boo on the other hand walks neatly beside me, off the lead, and returns in exactly the same condition as he left, apart from a few raindrops on his head, that he shakes off politely before he gets back in the van and falls asleep. It’s a bit like having children – it’s impossible to understand how you can train them in exactly the same way and end up with completely different behaviours. Just like with kids, you love them each for their own funny ways. Poppy is definitely harder work but she makes us laugh so often that it’s worth every minute and very fortunately she has the kind of coat that drops all the mud when it dries. That leads me to …

 The beige carpet that met its end in Southport

A few weeks ago we made a drastic but necessary decision. The cream carpet in the van had to go. From the paragraph above you will understand why. On our trip last year it caused us a lot of unnecessary grief as we tried to protect it from the 12 feet that walked on it, 4 of which were usually filthy. When we got home we decided to have it removed and vinyl flooring put in its place. For the motorhomers who follow this blog I should explain – it was a fully fitted carpet. Most van carpets are loose and sit on top of vinyl flooring but this one was different. Autotrail must have had a moment of madness when they designed it.

Before ...
Before …

We identified Caravan Carpets & Vinyl, a specialist motorhome floor fitter in Lancashire and arranged to have the work done. We couldn’t have been happier with the service and the result. They completed the job in a few hours while we wandered around Southport and enjoyed the quirky shops and a mahoosive breakfast in a pub. If you are interested in using them note that they will either come to your home or will pay for your pitch on a site not too far from their base. They do the work on the caravan site and leave the place spotless. We are delighted and now we can relax whatever the weather.

... and after
… and after


4 thoughts on “Slip sliding away

  1. Love the new flooring, what a difference it makes. Our van has removable carpets that have survived very well so far but I am tempted to go for vinyl.


  2. Hi Paul. Yes the floor is great. It’s cushioned so it doesn’t feel cold underfoot. I thought we might miss the carpet but we don’t at all. M

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