Neufchatel en Bray

This was our home for three nights after the long slow drive from Scotland. The first task was to take Poppy to see the vet. She needed special worming pills to prevent her being infected by nasty French and Spanish lung and heartworms. In the UK the only preventative treatment is a liquid put on to the back of the neck. Unfortunately Poppy is allergic to it so she needed an alternative that only European vets can supply.

We were welcomed very warmly by the vet in Neufchatel who promptly told us that a worming tablet that is on sale in the UK was all Poppy needed. Some of the explanation was lost in translation but we got the impression that the same drug in Britain hasn’t been licensed for these worms even though it works. Very odd! However the pleasant surprise was that she only charged us 7€ and that included the tablet.

We loved the campsite but the weather was rather too much like home with occasional bursts of heavy rain and a very cool wind.

Before we left home we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t rush through France to get to the sunshine in Spain. We love France too much not to give ourselves time to do more exploring. So we walked a lot, cycled a bit, did our laundry in the site machines and relaxed.

On the last night we went to the campsite Brasserie for dinner. There is something delightful about French campsites cafés. They often look very basic and you could be fooled into thinking that the food won’t be up to much. More often than not the food is fantastic, even when the surroundings are a bit rustic. We enjoyed three superb courses and a carafe of wine for the sum total of 39€.

Just in case you are interested in what we chose here it is.

Shirley: Coquilles Saint Jacques; Turkey in mushroom and cream sauce; Raspberry Pannacotta

Margaret: Cocquilles Saint Jacques; Beuf Bourguignon; Chocolate Fondant cake with Crème Anglaise

Carafe of Sauvignon Blanc

And here's a picture of the campsite
And here’s a picture of the campsite

5 thoughts on “Neufchatel en Bray

  1. Can you remember the name etc. of vet as we will be in Neufchatel on the Saturday as her to check other are open?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Margaret & Shirley
    Just reading about the wormer tablet & wondered which one it was that you could have used in the UK? We use drontal+ every 2 months on our cocker spaniel Oscar.

    Thoroughly enjoying the blog!

    Alb & Elaine

    1. Hi Alb and Elaine, The wormer we use is Milbemax. I think Drontal might be just as good but we were advised that Milbemax, used monthly, covers them for lung and heart worm and is effective in the UK as well as in Europe.
      Glad you’re enjoying the blog.
      Happy travels!

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