Chilling in Moliets Plage

We have two best friends when it comes to finding places to stay. The first is All the Aires and the second is the ACSI Card and book. The ACSI scheme lets you stay on campsites out of season at a reduced rate. After our problem with the leisure batteries we decided to go to a campsite so that we could hook up to the mains and see if that would help. At the same time I logged into the forum on Motorhome Fun and asked for help from the giant band of Funsters who are unfailingly patient with those of us who don’t know an amp from a watt.

We turned up at Camping Saint Martin, a 4* site right by a huge sandy surfing beach and booked in for three nights. The price with the ACSI card is 16€ per night which works out at less than £12. A complete bargain as it includes electric, showers, an indoor swimming pool and free wifi.

Kite surfing at the beach
Kite surfers at the beach

Nearly everyone here is German. This is not a problem of course, other than the fact that all we can manage to say is Good morning and Thank you. So far there has been no need for the latter. After all our fun practicing speaking French we are now unable to chat to anyone unless they speak English. We think it must be a holiday in Germany as there are so many here and not all are retirement age. We have seen a British motorhome not far away from where we’re pitched but their blinds are always closed and the door firmly shut. Either they’re honeymooners or they’re hiding. Either way we’re not going to knock on their door. I did meet a nice German lady who spoke English while I was doing the washing but she felt the need to tell me I shouldn’t use the tumble dryer as she was sure the afternoon was going to be fine. It was raining at the time so I decided to disregard her advice, which was a mistake, because an hour later we were basking in 30° heat. That was 4€ I didn’t need to spend.

We've walked on the beach with the dogs, relaxed in the heat, swum in the pool and...
We’ve walked on the beach with the dogs, relaxed in the heat, swum in the pool and…
 ridden our bikes
…ridden our bikes

We’ve also fretted a bit about our leisure batteries, received lots of advice from our friends on the motorhome forum and finally decided that fretting will do no good. Tomorrow we’re going to a local dealer to get advice. That will tax our French language abilities. My default plan is to do a lot of pointing and waving my arms about. Hopefully that will give them the general idea and they can do something clever with a circuit tester.

I’m reminded of the time last year when I had a puncture on my bike and went into a bike shop to ask for help. It was only when I was through the door that I realized I didn’t know the French for puncture. The staff tried hard to hide their amusement at the noises and hand gestures I used. You try it – it isn’t easy.

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