Broglie Aire de Camping Car

We love the way that France provides places for motorhomes to stay overnight and fill up with water, dump waste and empty the chemical loo. These Aires are often free or cost a very small amount. 100 litres of water usually costs around €2 and you get a peaceful safe spot to sleep. The pay off for the town is that motorhomers are expected to spend a little money there on groceries or perhaps a beer in the local tabac. Both sides win. Small towns get visitors and a little income and we get a good night’s sleep for little or no cost.

After leaving the campsite we headed for Broglie in the south of Normandy. This one is a little special because you get a proper pitch with your own bit of grass to sit out on. It’s on the Voie Verte (Greenway) for cycling and walking and on the edge of a very pretty town. All this for €5 a night.

We were sleeping like logs until Poppy woke us up at 6 a.m. needing to go out for the toilet. Clearly she ate something she shouldn’t yesterday. I won’t say more but Shirley was like an ice block when she got back into bed. Brrr

On the bridge

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