How often do you get to travel with no end date in mind? This is our gift to ourselves. On Saturday we leave for an extended tour of Europe in Holly, our Autotrail Miami motorhome.

Just in case you’re wondering why we called her Holly – “Holly came from Miami FLA … take a walk on the wild side” I know – we’re a little crazy already.

‘We’ are Shirley & Margaret with Poppy and Boo our two little dogs. This is a first for us all. First time the dogs have been to Europe with us and first time we’ve been free to travel without a planned end date. We’re more than excited. For days now we’ve been flipping between excitement and anxiety. We’ve done loads of trips before so we’re not sure why the anxiety. Personally I blame the dogs. Not for any good reason. Just because they still love us even if we project our stuff onto them.

One thing we know for sure – we hope to add a little kindness as we go.

Please follow us as we post our adventures and make some comments so that we know you’re there.

More soon.


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