Heading South

Before we left home we attached a wipe clean map of Europe to our table and we mark it as we go along. We love watching the line getting longer, even though the scale is so small that sometimes it’s only half an inch.

Half an inch

When we’re planning our routes we have to bring out all the other maps and the campsite books, the Satnav, and, if we’re lucky enough to get on the Internet, Google maps as well. Last night we struggled to work out our route to the Mediterannean coast. Before we left we thought it would be easy but we hadn’t accounted for the fact that many campsites in northern Spain close early for the winter. We planned to go directly across Spain, through Zaragoza and to Sitges then meander down the coast to the South. Unfortunately no campsites that were suitable are open around Zaragoza and we’re determined not to drive for hours in a day. This journey is about taking the time to look around and not get exhausted.

Finally we managed to work out a route that cuts south east below Zaragoza and will end up just south of Valencia. As I write this we are at our first stop, which is in the Rioja region. It’s a funny little site but it has great showers and free Internet. Our needs are getting simpler all the time.

We woke up this morning to much duller weather but we were still sad to say goodbye to Zarautz where we had had such fun.

Duller weather

On our travels we entertain ourselves by trying to work out the comings and goings of the people nearby. You could call it people watching or just plain nosiness. Last night, for instance, a car and caravan rolled in quite late in the evening and took the pitch right next to ours. There’s always a bit of manoeuvring with a caravan so we weren’t surprised to hear some clunks and bangs as they got themselves settled. The thing that fascinated us was that the bangs and crashes went on late into the evening. As we lay in bed we thought it sounded as though they were bouncing off the caravan walls. Or could it be the fact that they had a very small caravan and a very large dog? We were destined never to find out as we were keen to start our journey South and we were ready to leave before 9.00 a.m. Our neighbours were very quiet by then. Exhausted no doubt.

For those who are not motorhomers and wonder how it all works, most motorhomes have an onboard fresh water tank and a waste water tank, a chemical loo with a sealed waste cassette underneath and a shower, washbasin, cooking facilities, fridge, heating and comfortable seating. Ours also has a fixed double bed and two wardrobes. So when I say our needs are simple it’s a bit of a cheek. We are always warm and comfortable, we can keep clean easily even when off site and we can cook good food. Along the way there are lots of places where you can dump waste water, fill up with fresh and empty the chemical loo. Tonight we’re plugged into the site electricity but it has just fused. Not a problem as we have solar power and large batteries. Every day we give thanks for the gift that is Holly the Motorhome.

Night night folks.

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