North by North West

Our whistle stop tour of Skye lasted three nights and on Sunday morning we were back on the road heading towards the Skye Bridge and the far North West. Having paid attention to a few other motorhomers’ tales we took a detour to Plockton, known as the Jewel of the Highlands, or at least that’sRead more

Nowt as queer as folk

I wasn’t planning to write another blog post until we got to Oban, I really wasn’t. What changed my mind? It was the surreal moment when we thought we’d walked onto the set of a Coen Brothers’ Movie. We’re still in West Lothian. The teeth are fixed, the hair is cut, Boo has been trimmedRead more

On Solid Ground

We’re taking a week off from our motorhome and spending it in a real house. We rented a holiday cottage in rural Angus for our annual ‘Pals’ Holiday’. Most years we spend a week with our good pals, Derek and Mary, to enjoy a bit of chill out time together. The house is an old farmhouseRead more

On your own head be it

  The great dilemma of the motorhoming life is how much stuff to take with you. Not enough and you end up buying duplicates of things that you’ve got at home, too much and you spend your whole time stirring piles of things and looking for items you’ve lost, It strikes me that this is a metaphorRead more