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France, Spain and Portugal 2017 – 2018

We sold our house in September 2017 before leaving for another winter tour of Europe. Leaving a small number of possessions in a storage unit in Scotland we set off, this time unsure where we would eventually choose as our next home. We have a temporary base in Scotland and will buy another house when we get home in the spring but in the meantime, we have chosen to overwinter in the warmth of southern Europe and to explore anywhere that takes our fancy. Read about our travels, the routes we have taken, the overnight stops and the many wonderful people we have met on our way.

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Europe 2016 – 2017

After our tour of Scotland in the first half of 2016 we went home for the month of August. Four weeks later we left for our extended tour of Europe. We visited The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. Following the sunshine we had our first Christmas and New Year in the motorhome and had a wonderful time.

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The North Coast 500

We are really looking forward to taking this wonderful route that begins in Inverness and crosses the country then follows the northern coastline of Scotland, taking in some of the wildest and most rugged countryside in the UK. It is a 500 mile circuit and some of the roads aren’t suitable for a big motorhome so we’ll have to play it by ear. We will be taking the tour slowly, stopping for plenty of time in each place. Some people do the tour in a week – we plan to take a month and play a fair bit of golf along the way. We will visit distilleries and local craft workshops and hope to meet and make new friends as we go along. At the end of our tour we’ll be joining a Highland Gathering of motorhomers at Brin Herb Nursery close to Loch Ness.

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France & Spain in the Autumn

In September 2015 we toured France and Spain for 10 weeks. We had three aims in mind. The first was to take our time visiting some of the smaller, less touristy parts of France and simply enjoy the lifestyle, the fresh air, the good food, the cheese and of course the wine. We have toured in France many times before but often with a timetable, meaning that we passed by many places that deserved a longer look. The second aim was to drive through Spain and warm our bones after a very wet Scottish summer. The third was a very practical aim – we wanted to find out if we could wander through Europe and spend the same or only a little more than we do at home. We are retired but still full of life – the question is whether we can indulge our travel bug on the fixed income that retirement brings. In the blog you can read of our adventures and see our final accounts. You might be surprised.

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Scottish Islands

There is nowhere quite like the islands off the west coast of Scotland. We have toured a number of them over the years, from the tiny beauty that is Cumbrae just off the coast of Largs near Glasgow to the wild magnificence of the Outer Hebrides. In 2016, as part of our long tour, we plan to visit a number of them, beginning with a trip to Tiree to visit our friend Rhoda who is making an incredible job of renovating and running her croft. There will be other island gems on our route but in the true spirit of adventure we will decide which ones as the mood takes us. We will include information about routes, ferries and other practical stuff just to get you in the mood.

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